Friday, 16 December 2011

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hehehe. This is one of the best gifts I ever received. I was actually wishing of having something like this, you know compilation of messages from people close to my heart. Thanks thina for making it happen. So creative, so thoughtful, so sweet, so you!!! Andami kong narinig na behind stories tungkol ditto hehehehe. Yung pangungulit mo daw na “anune? Message for meanne pls!”. Actually daming na’inspire’ at na’touch’ sa efforts mo. Panalo ka kaibigan ko! All those messages are so refreshing to read. Parang therapy na din, if I feel down from now on, one of the things I’ll do is to read this site to be reminded of how loved and blessed I am. At panalo yung description about the celebrant, which is me, agree, agree hahahaha! I am blessed to have you!

Si Eileen, super cute! She called me “Menna”! The most adorable vid I ever watched, hehehe kasi syempre para sakin ung video. Naiinggit ako sayo Thins. Imagine nae’encounter’ mo mga ganito ka’cute’ na mga bata everyday?! So happy for you.

Eileen, you so lucky to have thina as your teacher! You so cute!

For William, thanks for taking time to write something amazing like this. Na’touch’ ako, super. So proud of you, layo na narating mo tsong! I knew it! Can’t wait for that “catching up” moment. Take care bro.

For ant, what can I say? Many were inspired at ‘kinilig’ by your message and vid babe. I felt so loved and blessed. I felt so inspired after reading it. Its like wow, I became more excited to live! Even my ofcmates are so touch! Can’t believe someone is writing those words for me. Even if you’re corny most of the time:D, you are still the hottest guy oN earth. No doubt! Thanks for always reminding me, in words and in actions, that I am beautiful, amazing and awesome! Yes indeed I am! Hahahahahaha.

For Jerome! Thanks partner! You are a writer too, yo! Hehehe. Continue inspiring others with your emotions and creativity!

Kay Laarnie, Arns salamat! Namimiss na kita. Kainspire ka sis.

Kay Sabrina, alam mo namang sobrang espesyal ka puso ko. Super admire kina kaibigan. Your thoughts, your beauty, your disposition… Salamat sabbine!

Diana salamat. See more of you sa feast!

David partner! I miss those one-on-ones. Yung kwentuhan natin tungkol sa crush mo,hehehehe, sa family, sa buhay, sa work at kung anu-ano pang kabaliwan. At ang ating favorite hang-out place, glorietta mcdo! Hehehehe. Di na ako papayag na di tayo magkikita early next year! Keep it up bro. Alam mo namang nai’inspire’ ako sa pagiging gentleman mo ayiee!

Beautiful paolina! Elibs ako sa super powers mo ineng! Such a Dreamer and you make things happen for yourself and for people you love. Saludo ako sa katapangan mong ipakita kung sino ka talaga! Malayo ang mararating mo.

Diwatang Arianne, hehehe. Talagang pinanindigan natin ang pagiging diwata noh! You were with me all these years through thick and thin. I love your personality. So calm yet so adventurous inside. Sabi nga ni pao “friends na tayo till the ends of the earth”. Excited akong masaksihan ang marami pang magagandang mangyayari sa buhay mo!

Iriz thanks! I appreciate you taking time to write here, to greet me. Continue sharing your beautiful heart and voice to everyone!

Kuya James, my first cg head! Naiintriga ako sa misteryoso ngunit inspiring mong personality. Grabe daming talent at skills. Excited po ako sa mga susunod na lingo. I enjoyed all the sharing, prayers and stories. Salamat po sa pagbati.

Sa inang reyna, miss na miss ka na namin. Such a charming woman. Aba naman pag ngumiti ka at ipinarinig mo pa ang iyong masarap sa pandinig na halakhak, wala na taob lahat!

Nethli, hmm anung sasabihin ko? Wala lang. nakaka’inspire’ ang kakyutan mo hahahaha. Ikaw nga si baby bear! Mahal kita, alam mo yan.

Hello Leah! Daming amazing kwentos si Thina tungkol sayo! Hope to meet you soon!:-)

Thina, you’re the woman yo!! Can’t wait for our project to materialize! Go for 2012! Love you so much! You are meant to be great. With your childlike faith and gracefulness, alam kong marami ka pang maa’chieve’.

Mahal ko kayong lahat! Maligayang kaarawan sakin! :D Peace, hope, faith and love everyone!


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Eileen's video message

Birthday greeting from William :)

Hi Meanne! :)
Happy birthday!!! :)

Time really flies so fast, been more than 3 years since we’ve last seen each other.. uhhmm GRADUATION pa ata yon’, right? Hehe..  I just want you to know that though we haven’t get to see/talk with each other for a quite a while, it didn't change  the way I look up on you as a person... and a real good friend. :)

Namiss ko na yung insightful talks natin during college days. :) I clearly remember you as the sweetest person in our batch, a very good listener, perceptive, insightful, good-hearted & genuine in disposition and of course, a God-fearing person. :) (totoo ‘yon! :)) Napakapalad ng mga taong malapit sa’yo. :)

I hope to see you soon and God be with you always. :)

Again, Happy Birthday! :)
Btw, I am missing you terribly. :(

Your malayo man, malapit din na friend,

William C :)

Monday, 12 December 2011

An Ode to a Wonderful Woman on her Birthday

T'was like it was just yesterday that we first met,
How our eyes passed each other not knowing yet,
What the future held for us in the many years to come.
Barely did we know but from God our hearts were revealed
To have an insight, a foresight, a vision of a love that so healed
A longing of wanting to have and to hold from days of old. 
As we lived in His love we learned how to grow
With our hearts apart yet so much did it show
How we took His Service to another level above and not below.
We found a space and a cause not just in the Divine
But we fought for it and now 'tis yours and mine.
A love I cherish because of one being
Whose love in return that is becoming
So much a part of me that I cannot whine
Anymore of a lost self but with one look I learned how to shine.
Beyond my rocky paths I dared not go,
But with your love I always found ways to show,
Harder than I've tried, than I ever did before,
Our friendship has brought me to places I had yet to explore
Thank you so much babe that I never knew
You would be the one who would be so ever young at heart so ever new
That as we faced life free spirited together our love grew even deeper
Not just in ourselves or for the others but also in our Lord and Redeemer
People will not always see the trials and struggles we have within
But with you by my side we together can and always will win
We cannot give up just yet or even at all
When the Father gave us a love and a strength that is tall
Taller and wider than the world will ever know
This I will always love you so much, so so.
As ins and as outs it will always be, 
But your birthday always has brought me indescribable glee 
To thank God for the one I will always love
Next to Jesus Christ our Savior,our Master and Maker up above.     
So I say Happy Happy Birthday Mary Ann
And surely you can trust that I will always be your man.

The Corny King

Sunday, 11 December 2011


i don't have much to say but all i know is that i miss you, terribly :|
thanks for all the moments i had with you.
they are the happiest ones, in my entire life time :))
it's been quite a while since we last laid eyes on each other,
but i know in God's time, we'll meet again soon.
stay happy, stay beautiful, as you are right now.
you will always have this special place in my heart,
encrypted by love and trust we have for many years.
my dear partner, you will always be a sister to me.

brother to sister, yours in life and death,

Happy B-Day Meanne!

Happy Birthday Meanne, I wish for you success and to find your true happiness. God speed!

-James Bardos

happy2x birthday meanne..=)

Hi sis..=) how are you? it's been a long time.. i hope you are fine..=) wee. lapit na birthday mo..=) i just want to greet you a happy2x birthday in advance..=) i miss you sis.. my wish for continue happiness and success in life.. continue to love and serve God through sfc..=) i hope to see you soon..kayo mga diwata..hehe.. i'm just here.. God bless you and your family..=) mwuahugs